Friday, December 22, 2006

Bush signs data center efficiency bill

This week President Bush signed a bill calling for research into data center energy efficiency. The bill, H.R. 5646, lays out nine different areas where the EPA-led study should focus. They include looking at the proliferation of servers in federal government, analyzing how much energy they consume, potential cost savings by making machines more efficient and recommending how to encourage manufacturers to build energy efficient equipment. has been following the issue since it passed the House back in July.

The Wall Street Journal wrote up a story about energy efficiency in the data center as well this week. Nothing new if you've been following along with us on SDC, but it's good to see WSJ paying attention to the issue.

Also, I have a blog announcement. The powers that be at TechTarget have deemed that a blog is a worthwhile vehicle for IT news and commentary. Therefore, the company has picked up a WordPress server and will be rolling out blogs on TechTarget sites in '07. That also means TechTarget will be reeling in rogue editors like me with unofficial sites. Look for me to be rerouting readers in the next couple weeks -- assuming the functionality of the corporate blog structure works. Will I be able to do pictures? Post opinions? We'll find out together. On the plus side, it'll be an official site and I won't be doing it in my free time. Also, I'll be joined by more of the SDC editorial team. So if nothing else, the new iteration of the SDC blog will be updated more frequently than this one. Stay tuned.


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