Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Storage feels the pain of power crunch

What's the difference between server hardware and storage devices? The answer: Not much. Despite this fact, storage vendors so far have had it easy in the recent IT energy crisis. But now users want answers according to Jo Maitland [pictured right], news director at SearchStorage.com.

In a recent article, Maitland points out that many storage managers don't know what kind of power or cooling their storage devices are demanding. EMC and HDS arrays collect alarms and alerts from their systems regarding power use, but the devices supply no diagnostic capabilities that report to the users.

As storage demand continues to explode, look for storage managers to force the vendors' hands on energy usage reporting. Also, look for companies to start building out more efficient machines.

We recently reported that the EPA's working group currently involved with developing a energy metrics for server hardware is considering focusing on storage devices next. The revised energy standard for 1U and 2U servers will be available this week.


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