Thursday, August 17, 2006

Data center on the road, Part 2

We can't seem to stay put. editorial is on the road again, taking it to the people. Mark Fontecchio has been down in Baltimore at the semi-annual Share conference, the mainframe user group meeting. Where attendees got info on new Tivoli features as well as on how to dress. It's a running theme at Share these past two meetings: Mainframer makeovers. Other stories from the conference included mainframe users upgrading to the latest versions of CICS and Z/VM the mainframe virtualization platform. Expect a Share wrap up next week.

Also, thanks to topics started by bloggers from RedMonk and TalkBMC, Fontecchio wrote a story about RSS feeds and systems management.

Me? I'm headed to sunny Silicon Valley tomorrow morning to get some face time with the folks at HP. I should have an update for you on what the rest of the IT community thinks about Sun's recent rebate deal with PG&E and how that's going to play out for the development of server efficiency standards. Look for it on Monday, with comment from HP, the EPA's Andrew Fanara, energy conscious data center manager Bob Doherty and more.

Also next Friday it's roadtrip time; I'm headed to Seattle to meet up with component-level liquid cooling specialists ISR at the SprayCool showcase facility.


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