Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MySpace data center crash

MySpace.com, reportedly the most popular Web site in the U.S. crashed over the weekend due to a power outage and data center failure.

The social networking site blamed the outage on power failures that swept California due to massive energy demand during a record-breaking heat wave. Foster City, Calif.-based data center hosting company Equinix is responsible for at least one of MySpace.com's data centers. The outage has created a lot of commotion in the blog community as people debate the disaster recovery strategy of the busiest site on the Web.

MySpace.com probably doesn't have the IT concerns of a major financial institution, but it likely brings in a TON of revenue for its parent company, News Corp. Downtime translates to lost revenues -- and with MySpace's $580 million price tag, revenues are pretty important.

The lesson from all this is that even new-media juggernauts need disaster recovery planning-- so check out our All-in-one guide on data center disaster recovery.


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