Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Server industry silent on e-Waste

The big four server vendors -- IBM, HP, Sun and Dell -- have all declined to comment on the topic of e-Waste by varying degrees. SearchDataCenter.com's news writer Mark Fontecchio is currently reporting on how data center managers are dealing with the glut of server hardware they are turning over year after year. In the course of his reporting, Fontecchio has repeatedly tried to get the view from the hardware vendors with little success.

  • Sun Microsystems offered a lengthy prepared statement, but was unable to do a Q&A due to scheduling.
  • A non-technical Dell spokesperson offered a 90 second soundbite.
  • IBM refused to comment for "legal reasons".
  • And HP’s representative declined to even return e-mails.

    While all of these companies provide recycling take-back programs, they are not especially interested in dialogue.

    Has recycling server hardware become a larger part of your data center operations? What impact do you see legislation like Europe's WEEE and RoHS Directive having on server manufacturing? Will efforts in the U.S. congress be able to tie individual states' initiatives together under a federal regulation? Please send us your feedback.

    More on e-Waste:
  • HP’s hardware recycling info
  • IBM’s hardware recycling info
  • Sun Microsystems’ recycling info
  • Dell’s hardware recycling info
  • Wikipedia article on e-Waste
  • Wired tackles e-Waste


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